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Flipchart Application (Drawing object)

Apr 15, 2010 at 4:02 AM

Dear all,

I'm very need to develop a framework, it allows users to draw shapes, images, text ... on that project similar to Microsoft's PowerPoint software, enabling thumbnail display pages, Active page will display the main screen of the program.

I was looking at a lot of source solution on the internet, but currently has no solutions or suggestions for my project.

I know waf is a framework designed to optimize the WPF application, and I did find out, my application is similar to write examples of the framework. I've been researching and testing, I also present some problems which need people to support me:

I would say the idea of the project to support people for me:
Project will include:

Presentation layer
    ShellWindow class:
        Menu :
        Toolbar: Draw tool( Line Icon, Image Icon, .....)
        XAML : ContentPresenter binding FlipchartViewer
    FlipchartViewer:IFlipchartView class:
        - Pageviewer (Display area can allow users to manipulate drawing)
        XAML : ContentPresenter binding ActivePage
    PageViewer:IPageView class
        - Drawingcanvas inherit Canvas Control excute drawing object

Application Layer:
        Collection of Graphics object inherit DrawingVisual.
    PageManager : IPageManager
        next, preview, goto function,...
        - PageViews (collection of pageviewModel)
        - ActivePage (current pageviewMode selection)

I have some issue:
- Tool is selected from Shellwindow (command), but must interact down to PageViewer and excute
on DrawingCanvas .
- Next & preview pages(from toolbar function), I want to preview
or next the page, they will be binding on ActivePage  of Flipchartviewer (currently only works for creating new pages), while there activepage of Pagemanager effect , but on Flipchartviewer do not.
- ....

There are a few other issues and problems I was, I hope you will give some solutions or ideas for me to completing the framework.

Many thanks!

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