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Windows Forms Adapter Roadmap and question

Oct 1, 2010 at 7:51 AM

jbe -  first of all, thanks for building such a great example with the BookLibrary for both Winforms and WPF!

I am trying to refactor a previous Winforms application to make it a more extensible app and eventually port it to WPF.  Your framework looks like it might help me bridge the gap, allowing me to refactor the model/design to an MVVM pattern that will eventually be WPF compatible.  The fact of the matter is that I am much more familiar and faster with Winforms, so for the sake of speed I want to refactor with Winforms UI first, and then migrate to WPF as I get more comfortable with it.

So... question 1 :  what is the roadmap for your Winforms adapter?  Any plans on expanding it?

question 2) My current Winforms design has two panels that each have a collection of custom controls added to them (one horizontal orientation, one vertical).  When the domain changes to a new "order", the controls are cleared and new ones are added corresponding to the items on that order.   In a quick mock up WPF design, I was able to bind a list box to an ObservableCollection of item viewmodels and it worked, populating the listbox with the custom controls.  But, I'm just too slow in WPF in general.  Soooo... I was playing around with your framework and trying to figure out if I could emulate this behavior with some variant of your content control and binding adapter.  Not sure its possible to bind a panel controls collection somehow (tried a few times with no luck).   Any suggestions?



Oct 1, 2010 at 7:15 PM

Hello Joel,

Thank you for this feedback.

Question 1: At the moment I don’t have planned to expand the WAF Windows Forms Adapter.

Question 2: The second question sounds for me that you need something similar to the WPF ItemsControl. The ContentControl can show only one Control and so this won’t work for you. But maybe the new Windows Forms DataRepeater control can be used for your scenario.