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from a good WAF solution to an.. online something..

Feb 18, 2015 at 1:24 PM

How to say it, life isn't as easy as we did expect, - whatever energy we put on trying to do the things well first time.

Here is the problem, and problem it is.

We adopted the full WAF framework for an important production system about two years ago.
Base on WAF and the reasons justifying the framework itself, we have been able to transform the delicate exercise of crafting software in an almost procedural exercise:

I mean transforming acyclic interdependant use-cases into the right set of Controller/Service/ViewModels.

Exactly same simplicity to conclude to the right set of deployable components (IModuleController). Even easier to declare what components contain what use cases (with the MEF constructor inducing mechanism).

The whole deployed via ClickOnce, with even this easy promess to get downloadable components (for basically new features).

Even with the basic WPF ContentControl, it has been possible to build dynamically upgradable UI forms. This, and why not new shellService functionality to handle the shell menu bar, we got a pretty dynamic UI.

The solution is heavily using EntityFramework, quiet in depth; support from day one of different db manufacturers with even slightly different schemas all mapped to exact same conceptual model, implementation and good usage of Unit Of Work .
Pretty nice paging system, based on lazyness of IObjectQuery up to as cool stuff like LDAP ACL

Ok pretty cool. The whole stuff controlled by a static code quality analysers. ( the number one on the market acctually), not one dimensions below 3.5 on 4. Least rate is about documentation of the code.

Now comes business back to development:

"The future is online. Companies are wasting millions in retiring old applications."
"the vision is online applications inter-operates with each other"."
Somehow more relevant for my case -> "Click-Once : not good because we have it installed by user, we want it to be installed system-wise".

So, now, my real question for you, and thanks again for that nice piece of work you maintain that was covering so much from the drafted expectations coming from Microsoft Enterprise building block.
How could we evolve from a WAF solution to something like Client Server+Silverlight architecture.

It would be nice to have any advises from WAF knowledgeable folks.

Thanks in advance