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FileDialog reimplementation

Nov 8, 2016 at 8:41 AM

I'm quite new to WAF, and I have an essential question.
WAF IFileDialogService implemented in "\WpfApplicationFramework\Presentation\Services\FileDialogService.cs". It is a basic implementation of file dialogs, comment of this file say:
"If the default implementation of this service doesn't serve your need then you can provide your own implementation."

Could you help me how?

So, I interested in how could I implement my extended service class. For example,
-I have to reuse IFileDialogeService + FileDialogService (inherit from it, and edit, and add my functions, fe. selectFolder). In this case what will be with multiple exports of IDialogService type?
-or just better if I forgot base implementation and I have to recreate aboves completly new name IMyFileDialodService + MyFileDialogService classes and export this as new contract for file service.

Can you provide a short theoretical explanation about this, or a sample project link where file dilalogs has been reimplemented?

thanks in advance